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Kitchen Gadget Reviews 

The site for all things reviews and kitchen. Blenders, panini presses, pasta makers, juicers and more. 

Best CrossFit Shoes 

If you’re looking for your first, or next pair of CrossFit shoes, this is the site for you. Advice, reviews, helpful tips for CrossFit and fitness, as well as lots more.

Love Deep Fried Turkey

If you want to deep fry a turkey for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is the site you’ll need to check first. Reviews of the most popular turkey frying appliances as well as tips, recipes and more.

Menstrual Cups 

Menstrual cups are the trendy, new eco-friendly way to handle your period. Not just menstrual cups here, but organic pads and tampons, reusable cotton menstrual pads, and period panties.

Freedom Through Passive Income 

All about my journey to build passive income streams with the goal to find financial freedom. I talk about investing in the dividend paying stocks, building an online business and everything related to frugal living.

ESL Teaching Websites

My Life! Teaching in a Korean University 

All about teaching ESL in Korea, with information most specific for university teachers. It has a bit of everything: lesson plans, activity ideas, ESL industry commentary, advice for how to get a uni job, and anything that I feel like writing about!

ESL Speaking: Activities, Games and Resources 

For English teachers looking for some fresh, new ideas for their ESL speaking or conversation classes. Lesson plans, games, activities, textbook recommendations and even more can be found over at ESL Speaking. It’s going to be time well-spent if you want to make your classes awesome.

ESL Activities: Resources for Busy Teachers

The site for teachers who are short of time but want to have some ESL awesome going on in their classes. It will save you a ton of time, guaranteed and if you’re an ESL teacher, you’d be crazy not to check it out.