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During my 10 years in Korea, I’ve transformed myself from an average university graduate with student loan debt to someone who is financially free and could not work for a lot of years, if I chose to do that.

Part of it was timing because I invested right after the stock market crash of 2009, but a lot of it was making good financial and investment decisions as well as living frugally. For some advice and to see the principles that I followed, check out my book on Amazon. It’s something you really can’t afford not to have and it’s the first and only book about personal finance specifically for English teachers.

Frugal Living Awesome

If you live in Korea, you’ll want to check out this epic post of money-saving awesomeness: 101 Frugal Living in Korea Tips. I guarantee that it’ll pump you up and you’ll feel super-motivated to get out there and save yourself some money in order to ensure more awesome things for your financial future. 

Start your Side Gig

If you’re not into the frugal living but want to take some serious action towards securing your financial future, why not start a side-gig? A bit of work at nights and on weekends to build some more income streams can pay off big-time down the road. Check out this post: English Teachers Abroad: Get Your Side-Gig On!

How Working Abroad Set Me Up For Financial Awesome

If you want to read more about my story with the specifics of how my 10 years in Korea set me up for life, check out this post over on my other site: How Working Abroad in Korean universities set me up for financial awesome.

Buy it on Amazon: The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future

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Part of my journey towards financial freedom is through building passive income streams. For some advice on how to get started with this, check out:

Freedom Through Passive Income

Freedom Through Passive Income on Facebook

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